Assisted setup module in Dynamics 365 Business Central


This module contains all pages that are used by assisted setup guides in Business Central. Assisted setup guides provide step-by-stem guidance that helps simplify the process of setting up complex features. 



We have combined the assisted setup capabilities that already existed in Business Central in this module. If your extension provides setup assistance through a guide, you can add that guide to Assisted Setup for easy discoverability. 



The Assisted Setup module provides capabilities for: 

  • Adding an assisted setup guide for a given extension, page ID, an optional video link that explains the feature, and a help link where the user can read more about it. 
  • Adding a translation for the name of the setup record. This is helpful when the extension is available in multiple languages. 
  • Checking whether a user has already completed the steps in an assisted setup guide. 
  • Completing an assisted setup guide, typically from the guide itself when the user clicks Finish. 
  • Running an assisted setup guide page that takes the user through the various steps to set up an extension. 


You can subscribe to the following events in the module: 

  • The OnRegister event notifies the extensions that they can add setups. 
  • The OnReRunOfCompletedSetup event notifies that someone is running a guide that has already been completed. 
  • The OnAfterRun event lets subscribers react when a user completes the steps in a guide.  



The Base Application adds quite a few assisted setup guides by subscribing to the OnRegister event. In the following example, the Data Migration Wizard is being added to the Assisted Setup through the API exposed for the module. See the details for codeunit 1814 “Assisted Setup Subscribers,which shows that the Data Migration Wizard, is added along with a video and a link to more information. Also, the English (United States) translation for the name is added. 

        CurrentGlobalLanguage := GLOBALLANGUAGE; 
        // Getting Started 
        AssistedSetup.Add(GetAppId(), PAGE::"Data Migration Wizard", DataMigrationTxt, AssistedSetupGroup::GettingStarted, VideoImportbusinessdataTxt, HelpImportbusinessdataTxt); 
        AssistedSetup.AddTranslation(GetAppId(), PAGE::"Data Migration Wizard", 1033, DataMigrationTxt); 
Go to the Assisted Setup module on GitHub by clicking here.