Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator enhancements enable more automated experiences

The Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator continues to evolve, enabling ISVs and other solution providers to quickly build industry vertical solutions tailored to the nonprofit sector. In this latest release, the accelerator addresses three critical nonprofit areas: Case Management, Project Management & Program Design (PMPD), and Operations. Case Management and PMPD enhancements include data model extensions and sample apps, as well as support for sample data that enables partners to easily develop and launch solutions. These extensions come at a critical time when nonprofits are under increasing pressure to manage larger volumes of beneficiaries and tackle complex projects like pivoting to service delivery via supply chain automation. The Nonprofit Operations Toolkit application will benefit small nonprofits looking to move their project, award, cost center, and time & expense management from spreadsheets to a modern, automated experience.

About the industry accelerator for nonprofits

One of seven industry accelerators currently available, the Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator allows you to easily build applications, workflows, and processes, so you can go to market quickly with solutions that use the nonprofit data model and sample apps. It also allows you to implement the nonprofit data model in Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure Data Lake Storage.

The nonprofit accelerator can assist with day-to-day operations or act as a stand-alone data model for developers. The model provides a shared and consistent metadata definition for common nonprofit entities, allowing customers and partners to build on the same data model. This common schema allows for nonprofit system interoperability and improved processes and insights.

The accelerator contains installable solutions like standard entity attribute extensions, nonprofit entities, pre-built dashboards, sample data, sample apps, plus other tools to help customers and partners build and deploy new solutions. What’s even better is that the nonprofit accelerator is open source and available on GitHub.

What’s new?

  • Case Management data model extensions, sample app, and sample data: Provides building blocks for partners to implement solutions to aid nonprofit program staff in tracking clients and beneficiaries and tying cases to specific program goals.

a screenshot of case management model extension

  • Project Management & Program Design data model extensions, sample app, and sample data: Provides a complete delivery framework that tracks activities and progress to a theory of change. This assures delivery of programs that are aligned to indicators and program objectives, budgets, and results.

a screenshot of Project Management & Program Design data model extension

  • Nonprofit Operations Toolkit: Comprehensive solution that enables delivery of a supported operation solution to help small nonprofits implement effective project and awards management processes that reduce costs and build trust with funders. With this solution, nonprofits are able to centrally manage their award budgets, have workers enter time and expenses through a mobile application, approve submitted time and expenses, and track costs to the budget.

a screenshot of budget to analyze global healthcare

Mobile app

Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator mobile app

These updates are an important step in an ongoing commitment to build on the accelerator with the most relevant schema and applications, all of which can be used to create transformative solutions for the nonprofit sector.

Get started

We encourage you to Test Drive the nonprofit accelerator on AppSource and access the solution assets on GitHub to start building solutions.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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