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Set administration mode on production environments to avoid impacting users during changes

System administrators no longer need to switch a production environment to a sandbox environment before you place it in administration mode.

When an environment is set in administration mode, only users with the system administrator or system customizer security role are able to sign in to that environment. Administration mode is useful when you want to make operational changes and not have non-admin users affect your work, or when you don’t want your work to affect end users.

Since its introduction, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform administrators could only set sandbox environments to admin mode. This was a safeguard to protect them from disabling access and background operations on production environments that were actively used by their users.

However, as administrators started to use admin mode in their deployment and solution development lifecycle, they discovered that they also needed to place production environments in administration mode, which required the additional step of changing an environment type to sandbox. Only then could admins place the environment in administration mode and perform any needed actions.

After completing the work, admins had to remove administration mode from the environment and then change the type back to production. With this change, you can place a production environment in administration mode directly.

You’ll find the administration mode option in the Microsoft Power Platform admin center, on the Environments > Details page, where you can set access options and disable background operations if needed. You can also display a custom message to your users that give more details if they try to access an environment in admin mode.

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