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Use custom IoT providers in Connected Field Service 

We recently published documentation for Connected Field Service that tells you everything you need to know to use custom IoT providers in Dynamics 365 Field Service. The article is geared toward developers who want to know what capabilities are supported in our IoT extensible framework, and how to make it all happen. Why being able...Read more

Enrich customer data with brand and interest affinities with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 

In these uncertain times, winning and retaining customers requires a deeper understanding of their brand and interest affinities to deliver relevant, personalized experiences. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is powered by proprietary Microsoft data from Microsoft Graph to enable you to understand your customers better, and then identify segments of similar customers for targeted and personalized...Read more

Automatically capture contacts from email in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Email messages are a great source of contact information for salespeople, but having to manually create contacts from messages takes a lot of time. To help you spend more of your time selling, the premium auto capture capability in Dynamics 365 Sales uses advanced AI to mine details from email messages, such as the To...Read more

Leveraging IoT data in Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Getting started with leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using services from Microsoft Azure is easier than you may think. You can use IoT for almost anything, but a few common business scenarios are:  Tracking packages (where’s my parcel?)  Counting inventory in real-time (how much do I really...Read more

It’s time to switch your Dynamics 365 Business Central browser to Microsoft Edge 

On April 2, 2021, Microsoft will remove Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy browsers from the list of supported browsers for the Business Central modern clients. With the introduction of new Microsoft Edge that supersedes Edge Legacy and offers Internet Explorer mode for backward compatibility, now is the time for Business Central customers to make the switch. This applies to organizations using Business...Read more

Resolve PO distribution errors in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

When you update to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management version 10.0.11 or later, you’ll get a new capability that enables you to reset purchase order accounting distributions. This feature is useful when distributions may be incorrect. This could occur because of a customization or other process issues, such as: Submission to purchase order workflow, including...Read more

Verify hash function changes after update to Dynamics 365 Finance 2020 release wave 2 

In Dynamics 365 2020 release wave 2, the hash function for the dimension framework in Dynamics 365 Finance has changed. This change may cause breaks in your production and test code in some scenarios. This blog post explains how to inspect your code for impacted patterns and provides guidance about how to validate this functionality...Read more

Simplify and automate compliance with asset leasing in Dynamics 365 Finance 

Change is constant. Today most organizations are experiencing challenges and making plans that they did not anticipate. In times like these, organizations do not have time to worry about reacting to changes in accounting regulations, yet they cannot risk leaving them unaddressed. A core tenant of Dynamics 365 Finance is to enable you to reduce risk, and to automate and modernize your global...Read more

Unlock insights and power personalized experiences with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 

Today, people have access to more content, purchasing channels, and brand options than in the past, and their expectations for great customer experiences continues to grow, even in uncertain times. To win and retain loyal customers, companies need to understand, value, and build trust with them, and proactively serve them through seamless, personalized experiences on...Read more

How to manage VAT rate changes in Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Many countries have turned to value-added tax (VAT) to stimulate their economy in response to the disruption of COVID-19. In addition, several countries are planning economic stimulus packages with VAT rate changes in response to COVID-19. For example, Germany recently lowered standard VAT rates from 19 percent to 16 percent, starting July 1 and continuing...Read more

Dynamics 365 education accelerator update supports K-12 application development 

First, a heartfelt thank you to educators around the world. Many schools are now out for the summer, marking the end of a school year in the most uncertain of times. This spring, schools gave more to students than an education—they provided a sense of purpose, consistency, and normalcy. Teachers and school administrators worked relentlessly....Read more

Get the updated toolkit for easier deployment of solution-specific Help content 

If you’ve created your own custom solution for Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, or Dynamics 365 Commerce, you may be wondering how to connect your own Help content for the solution to the Help pane in the Finance and Operations client. Microsoft provides a toolkit to help you generate HTML files from the Microsoft Help repositories, generate...Read more