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Transforming Supply Chains: Exploring Advanced AI-Powered Demand Forecasting and Demand Planning in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

In the ever-changing landscape of contemporary business, effective supply chain management is paramount. Central to this complex system is the critical process of demand planning and forecasting, which profoundly impacts a company's capacity to fulfill customer requirements, optimize inventory, and maintain a competitive edge. This article explores the significance of demand forecasting and how Microsoft seamlessly incorporates it into its new demand planning in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Enhance agent utilization and engagement with least active routing  

Organizations want to get the best out of their agents by maximizing their utilization, distributing work evenly, and providing enough breaks between calls. Least active routing, formerly known as most-idle routing, is an assignment strategy that can help achieve this. It assigns work to agents based on when they end their last conversation. It gives

Microsoft Copilot brings generative help and guidance into Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

Microsoft Copilot for finance and operations apps with its In-app help guidance in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management represents a significant step in enhancing user experience. It bridges the gap between complexity and ease of use, enabling users to unlock the full potential of our product. While we acknowledge that we are in the early stages of this journey with basic capabilities, we are committed to continuous improvement.  As organizations embrace this feature, they begin to reduce training costs and empower their workforce. Dynamics 365 SCM users can look forward to a more streamlined experience.  Copilot In-app help and guidance simplifies tasks and provides instant assistance, helping users make the most of their Dynamics 365 SCM experience. We are dedicated to enhancing these capabilities further, ensuring that users can navigate our product more efficiently and effectively.