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Bring the future of finance into focus at Finance Reimagined 2022 

3 min read

Data is everywhere chief financial officers (CFOs) look these days. Senior finance leaders have more data in front of them than ever before—with insights to drive financial growth, disrupt sales, and transform customer experiences often hiding in plain sight. All the while, the roles of finance leaders are evolving. Once economic guardians, they’re now being…Read more


Announcing new activity menu and 1:1 calling for Dynamics 365 Guides 

3 min read

With a growing labor shortage and access to new technologies and processes, businesses are adopting mixed reality to improve how employees learn, work, and understand the world around them. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is driving workforce transformation with hands-on training and step-by-step holographic instructions that are seamless, intuitive, and embedded into everyday workflows, equipping employees…Read more

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Mitigate disruptions with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights—now in preview 

3 min read

We are excited to announce the preview launch of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights to help organizations achieve a supply chain of the future—one that is resilient, sustainable, and capable of sensing, predicting, and mitigating disruptions before they occur.  Recent worldwide supply chain disruptions have resulted in economic losses and missed opportunities that stretch into the billions of dollars. Since the…Read more


Introducing voice channel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service 

4 min read

Today, I am excited to announce the general availability of the first-party voice channel for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. With the addition of the voice channel, built on the same planet-scale platform as Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 Customer Service expands to become the all-in-one digital contact center solution. Organizations can now provide consistent and…Read more


Turn attendees into loyal customers with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing 

5 min read

Change. Adapt. Grow. Words we have had to embrace over the past 15 months as we’ve had to change the way we do business. As we start to emerge from the pandemic’s isolation and restrictions, we’re entering a world of a new normal. As consumers, our expectations are higher. To meet ever-changing customer expectations, successful…Read more