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If you’re interested in Microsoft CRM, you’ll know that there are already a bunch of really great blogs out there, regularly serving up quality posts about our product.  If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you take a look at all the blogs we’ve listed at the side.


There are a lot of people who work on CRM here within Microsoft who have unique insight into areas of the product, but who don’t maintain their own blogs.  This Team blog will be a group effort, initially contributed to by members of the CRM product group and then hopefully also by members of the wider CRM community within Microsoft.  We’re really excited about this, and hope you get value from it.


We’re not yet sure what kind of content you’ll see here.  It will be guided by the contributors and should be an interesting range of things.  We hope to bring you information only we can provide, like details about why we made a certain feature decisions.  We might highlight areas of the product that we’re proud of that we don’t think enough people are aware of.  We might show you interesting or tricky ways to achieve things using the product, or how to deal with common problems.  We’re also planning to post answers to questions that we’re often asked.  Of course, you should expect to see announcements of stuff that is going on in the world of Microsoft CRM. 


Our initial plan is to post daily, and to be consistent and continual.  Please subscribe to the RSS feed if you like to digest your blogs in that way.  We welcome comments on posts.  In fact, use the comments on this post to tell us what you’d like to see in a CRM team blog.


NB: If you have a support issue, we recommend the CRM newsgroups or contacting MBS Support.


Our first post (well, second, I suppose, if you count this one) is a great one from Group Program Manager Charles Eliot on why filtered views are so cool.


Ilana Smith

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