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In my last post, I showed you how you could personalize the Workplace. The Workplace is also configurable for the Outlook client, though perhaps doesn’t organize as nicely, since we rely on the Outlook folder structure to provide the navigation. Quite simply, the alphabetization of the folders doesn’t always yield the most desired organization.

One way around this is to use Outlook Favorites (in v. 2003). As you can see below, I’ve added Accounts, Contacts, and the Workplace folders to my Favorite Folders list.

To add items to the Outlook favorites you can right click on the desired folder and choose “Add to Favorite Folders”. You can also drag and drop to add, as well as organize the Favorites. A few additions here will save you a good deal of clicking and scrolling of the folder list.

Another possible route is Shortcuts.

But as a general observation, in Outlook 2003, these tend to be out of sight, and so out of mind.


There you go, two ways to save a click or three!

Derik Stenerson

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