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I want to introduce a feature we have in our Microsoft CRM Sandbox so that those of you who haven’t discovered it, will be able to leverage this capability of the Sandbox to your benefit.


What’s Microsoft CRM Sandbox?

It is a GotDotNet project created for Microsoft CRM users to share knowledge with other Microsoft CRM administrators, customizers, users and developers.


Here you’ll find unique downloads that you can only get here, posted by members of the site which includes members of Microsoft CRM Team! You’ll also find a well managed message board where members of the community share information plus an array of other useful functionalities.


It’s located at


What feature am I introducting today?

The “New Content Alert” feature on the Sandbox. See highlight below:

What does it do?

1.        We, the Microsoft CRM Team, will post to this message board whenever there is new content pertaining to Microsoft CRM.

2.        By subscribing to the topic of interest to you (i.e. you want to know whenever a new whitepaper is released for MS CRM), you’d receive email alerts.

3.        That way, you will ALWAYS be up to date on the LATEST information and updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM!


Where is it?

1.        Go to

2.        If you scroll all the way down, you’d see in the box labeled “Messages”, a list of all the message boards we have.

3.        Announcements New Content” is the one we want.


What do I need to do?

1.        You’ll see several threads on that page (i.e. Downloads, Marketing, Whitepapers)


2.        Click on the topic that you’d like to be alerted about.

3.        Click Subscribe.

4.        You’re DONE!

5.        Now sit back, relax and get ready to receive alerts J


Shirlene Lim

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