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Being new to the CRM Team, I’ve been learning about and using the CRM V 3.0 product. During my initial inspections, I’ve noticed the dearth of CRM specific performance counters. Performance monitors are fundamental to the process of isolating bottlenecks. They can also help identify performance tuning opportunities. An excellent book with more about the science of performance metrics is Measuring Performance : Using the new metrics to deploy strategy and improve performance by Bob Frost.

Coming from the MSN Portal Team, a rich set of performance counters was an important part of effectively monitoring our service.  We tracked hundreds of data points based on services and metrics which helped us know if the MSN portal was healthy. Look for improvements in this area in future releases of CRM.

If you have suggestions, comments, or issues with administration and monitoring a CRM V 3.0 installation, send them my way.

David Fisher

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