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I’m Humberto, tech geek, loving husband, grateful son and brother.


I’ve been in the IT industry for quite a few years now. My passion is everything related to the “Web”; I love the way the Web empowers people to achieve their full potential. I started to work on Web Apps well before I finished college; then I joined Banco de Mexico were I worked on several IT projects, many of which were related with distributed systems, security and project management.  I finished a master degree @ Carnegie Mellon at the end of 2006; there I became fan of software “openness” which to me simply means to share knowledge to make people more productive. CMU also helped exuberate my enthusiasm towards the connection between IT and business applications. 


Early 2007 and after doing an internship the previous summer, I joined Microsoft as a fulltime Program Manager.  I spend my days doing a bunch of stuff: blogging, trying out new technologies (programming…yes, I try to stay as technical as I can), connecting with partners customers but mostly designing and managing the implementation of new features for Dynamics CRM.


I’m happily married to Nancy, my lovely wife, and we try to spend most of our free time either traveling or planning on new places to visit.

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