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I’d like to introduce the “Downloads” section of Microsoft CRM Sandbox (




This is where Microsoft CRM Sandbox members share their Microsoft CRM related applications, macro or sample code. You now have 1 week to submit/share your work and be in the running for 1 of 2 XBOX 360s that are up for grabs!


One of my favorites is the “Mapping in CRM” sample code that was shared by Graham Sheldon & Kevin Rabsatt. You can find it here.


“Mapping in CRM” introduces the basic concepts to integrate MapPoint Web service with Microsoft CRM. You can customize Microsoft CRM so that a contact’s address will be displayed in a MapPoint map!

The README provided shows you how to add this programmatically generated MapPoint Map to the Microsoft CRM form, allowing you to see the location of a contact on the map without leaving Microsoft CRM application. Simplest approach that is introduced is to create a custom Web form that loads the map which is then embedded into the contact form as a custom Web page loaded in an IFrame.


Think of all the possible location-based service integration with Microsoft CRM that you can do! All you need is Microsoft® Dynamics CRM 3.0, Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET, Microsoft .NET Framework 1.4 and A Microsoft MapPoint® Web services account!


Have fun and don’t forget to share your work to win an XBOX 360! Contest ends end of June 2006!


Shirlene Lim

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