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Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking regarding CRM as a custom application development (App Dev) platform. Many customers and partners have taken CRM and built rich applications which have little to do with Sales, Marketing or Service scenarios. However one thing that most of these apps have in common is: people, work and objectives. In fact the goal of Microsoft CM is: Easy and quick to generate rich applications for work management across people, organizations, processes


So what are some of the benefits of using Microsoft CRM as a custom App Dev platform? Here are some top reasons which spring to mind:


  • Deep Data Modeling: Complex schemas, full relationship support, large data sets.

  • Business Process Foundation: Queues, Activities, Workflows, programmable event model.

  • Rich Roles-based Interaction: Individual and organizational roles; team and territory management

  • Offline: Full support for offline, including custom entities

  • Reporting: Advanced Find querying, SRS reporting, “dynamic” XL reports

  • No-code App Development Toolset: Forms, Views, Security, Workflow

  • SOA: SOAP web services automatically generated for custom entities and attributes

If you have been using CRM to do ‘non-standard’ Sales, Marketing and Service let use know (leave a comment here or reach me through my site)! We are always interested in hearing about our app being used in new and exciting ways.


Philip Richardson

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