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On the first of May, this blog posted its first post. Designed to be a place where anyone from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team could blog and anyone from the CRM community could share ideas. And indeed, we have had contributions from PMs, Devs, UX, and QA as well as management. We even have guest bloggers who are some of the movers and shakers in the newsgroups and partner teams.

We have blogged every workday since the blog’s inception. Though it hasn’t always been easy, but we feel that frequent blogs make for a more vibrant blog community. And to seed the community, we’ve linked to many other CRM blogs that you might find interesting. If you haven’t already, take a look at our blogger rolls.

I must say though that this blog has turned out to be more popular that we had expected! In our first month we became a part of the top-ten percent of bloggers list at Microsoft. With over 3000 bloggers just on the MSDN blogger portal alone and more using TechNet and MSN Spaces, this is heady praise. And we owe that success to you, the reader and commenter.

No surprise to us, our most popular blogs have been deep dive topics such as:

SharePoint Document Libraries in Microsoft CRM

Simple Sales Process

Installing Microsoft CRM in a Demo Environment

“Execute” API in a Service Oriented World

And the all-time favorite, so far is:

Related Entity Data in Excel Spreadsheet

Well, it’s been an exciting first two months. We hope that you are finding the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog to be a must read. Let us know where you’d like us to go from here. And thanks for being there.


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