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Scenario: Kevin works at Bikes Corp. as Sales Manager. Kevin wants to ensure that each time a large opportunity (let us say greater than 5 million dollars) is converted into sale, he gets notified. As Kevin spends most of his time working inside Outlook, he shall prefer to get an e-mail telling him the key details of the opportunity won. He would also like to be able to navigate to specific opportunity record from the e-mail.


Workflow Configuration: Please download the file. Unzip it on your machine and follow the instructions in readme.txt. Ensure that the ‘Send e-mail with opportunity lookup’ workflow is activated.


  • The workflow rule described above is for illustrative purposes only. Sample rule example in the attached zip file can be extended to address more sophisticated business requirements using MSCRM 3.0 Workflow Manager.
  • The workflow rule has been shown for opportunities. Similar rules can be created for other entities (e.g. – leads, cases etc.) as well by following the examples in the attached zip file.
  • The CRM record hyperlink inside e-mail body will work only for users who are inside the domain.
  • It is recommended that you test the workflow rules in a test environment before you put it in production.

Feel free to let us know what you think of this sample.

Praveen Upadhyay

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