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Not all folks know that there is a Microsoft Knowledge Base article that lists all available Hotfixes and Updates shipped by the CRM Sustained Engineering Team (aka CRM SE) for Microsoft CRM v3.0.  This article is updated as we release new Hotfixes or Updates as responses to customer issues, as well as “internal finds” – issues we find during internal testing we feel you may eventually encounter, which we feel should be fixed proactively.

So, where is this Knowledge Base article?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 updates and hotfixes (

What is the difference between a Hotfix and an Update, you may ask?

Hotfixes (also known as LDRs – Limited Distribution Releases) are the majority of what CRM SE ships, in terms of packages shipped.  They resolve issues that affect a limited number of customers, and as such you must contact Customer Support to get them.  Unless the specific issue they address is affecting your user experience right now, we recommend that you wait, and install our Update Rollups as we release them.

Updates (also known as GDRs – General Distribution Releases) fall into three major buckets – issues related to security (none so far for CRM v3!), fixes that affect most CRM customers (again very rare), and periodic Update Rollups.  Why Update Rollups?  As fixes accumulate during a product’s lifecycle, it’s appropriate to bundle them up into an Update Rollup, which essentially is a “big hotfix” containing all the changes made to date.  When testing is complete, they’re released to the Microsoft Download Center ( for public download, and makes getting all of the available fixes… easy!

I thought you might like to know about a couple of things we’re working on!

Microsoft CRM v3.0 Performance Whitepaper:  I can’t commit to a hard release date quite yet, but we’re working on a “sequel” to the enormously popular Microsoft CRM v1.2 Performance Whitepaper on the Microsoft Download Center.  We’ve learned a lot while working with large customers with large datasets, as well as global deployments.  The Whitepaper will summarize our learnings so far, and we plan on updating it quarterly – we learn something every day about SQL tuning (an art in itself!), performance-related hotfixes, load balancing…  we hope you enjoy it.  You should be seeing the “first edition” in a couple of months… stay tuned.

Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft CRM v3.0: Again, I can’t commit to a release date quite yet, but CRM SE plans on developing, testing, and releasing to the Microsoft Download Center our first Update Rollup for v3.0.  We’re shooting for a release around the end of October… again, stay tuned.

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