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One of the greatest challenges for Small Businesses is to maintain their IT infrastructure on a budget. In many cases, having an experienced IT person on staff is simply too expensive.

Our friends on the Small Business Server team built a “Health Monitor” feature for Small Business Server 2003. The Health Monitor tracks common system issues, such as available disk space. When disk space runs low, the Health Monitor raises an alert. These alerts are sent out via email to the partner that did the implementation, who can immediately arrange for follow up with the customer.

As part of installing CRM Small Business Edition, we create a series of CRM-specific alerts for Health Monitor. These alerts monitor the normal operation of the CRM application, workflow service, bulk e-mail service, Exchange router, and more—all the things that a human IT professional would be monitoring on any mission critical application. It’s just one of the many features we’ve built to make CRM easier to use for Small Businesses.


Michael Lu

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