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So you have MS CRM installed and you are feeling pretty good. Make this jump!

Add a workflow rule or two? I like to position the idea of workflow rules from a very simply perspective – “Consider Outlook Rules”. You get e-mail and you tell Outlook to put it in a folder for you automagically. You can apply the same concept and add this magic to your MS CRM Installation! Workflow rules can be as simply or as complex as you wish them to be. Here are some of the workflow rules I have setup for different accounts.

1)     When a member of the sales team closes an opportunity with a WON, an activity is added to the sales manager’s activities list and an e-mail alert is sent to the team. (Sales people love to brag share J  )

2)     When an invoice is created in MS CRM an e-mail (containing data from the invoice record) is sent to the Accounting Department (Accounting is not integrated to MS CRM in this case)

3)     When a case is marked as billable an activity is added to the bookkeeper’s activity list to bill the customer.

4)     When an activity is completed with a specific status a new activity is generated.

You don’t have to be a programmer and you don’t have to read a 200 page document to get started, so get started J

Anne Stanton MVP-CRM

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