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Yes! You Can Improve Our Deployment Documentation for the Next Generation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

I’ll be developing the Implementation Guide (IG) for the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As such, I would like to know how our customers, partners, and field feel about the current IG documentation. Any knowledge or opinions that you can share will go a long way in helping me plan and improve the IG for this next release.

For example, it would be of great benefit to provide feedback such as:

  • What do customers\partners\you like or dislike about the IG? 

  • Is there information that should be in the IG but wasn’t?

  • Is there information that should not be in the IG but was?

  • Should the IG be broken out into more specific stages of deployment (e.g. separate planning, installation, securing, operating and maintaining, etc. documents)?

  • Any suggestions on how to improve the IG?

Please use the built in comment feature on this site to provide your comments and suggestions. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


Matt Peart

We're always looking for feedback and would like to hear from you. Please head to the Dynamics 365 Community to start a discussion, ask questions, and tell us what you think!