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The first thing people often notice when they walk in my office is my family picture—me, my wife, our dog, and our seven children. They often ask with some hesitation, “Are those . . . all yours?” Yep, one couple, seven children, no twins. Hey, I have a friend who has twelve. He thinks my family is small.

I’ve been at Microsoft since 1996, starting on the Office team. Before that I worked at a little software company that made a big difference, WordPerfect. During the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a developer, tester, marketer, program manager, and product planner, the last one since 1992. I’ve been with the CRM team since June 2006 and am enjoying it very much.

My degree is in history, and once upon a time I was going to be a school teacher. But the technology bug bit me, and I moved into high tech in 1984. I still get my teaching “fix” by teaching evening classes for college-age students.

Raised in southern California, I have lived in five states and two countries, still enjoy reading and writing about history and archeology, and like studying languages. I play volleyball as often as I can, coach soccer, and do my best to keep up with my family’s many activities.

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