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When searching for information within CRM users often need to retrieve small pieces of information like a phone number or address. One solution is to place this commonly retrieved information in the view columns – however this can lead to inconsistency and clutter (horizontal scrolling of views in most applications is rarely considered optimal). Records in CRM have a Preview Pane which is opened by clicking on a small triangular arrow next to a record in the grid:

When clicked the Preview Pane is opened and I can view the address information without having to open the full Account Form.

Customizing the Preview Pane is really very simple. Navigate to the appropriate entity’s customization page and select Forms and Views. Each Entity will have a Preview record. Double click on this to open the editor:

This opens the Preview Pane editor – which is extremely similar to the Form editor that many of you will be familiar with. It is essentially a two column section which displays read only fields. You can add fields and also change their order and column spanning to 1 or 2 columns.

Philip Richardson

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