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Have you ever wanted to know if Microsoft CRM 3.0 SDK contains any information about the relationships between entities?

The answer is yes! Here are a number of ways you can view this information:

  1. You can download a series of Microsoft Visio diagrams that detail the logical database relationships.
  2. You can find the relationships for each entity detailed in the Entity Model section of the SDK. For example, this page shows the relationships for the Customer Relationship entity.

The relationships for each entity are also shown in the Customization section of the Microsoft Dynamics 3.0. To see these relationships, in the Navigation Pane, click Settings, click Customization, and then click Customize Entities. Double-click the entity you are interested in, and then under Details, click Relationships.

The resulting list shows all the relationships this entity has to other entities. You can view the details of each relationship by double-clicking the relationship.

This can be valuable information for developers enabling them to create customizations.

Amy Langlois

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