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Using Visual Studio to Extend and Customize Dynamics CRM

The following blog posts demonstrate techniques and tools designed to improve your efficiency and ease of coding when developing applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 which make use of the Microsoft CRM SDK.

When developing an application that uses the Microsoft CRM SDK, you sometimes have to switch between different tools (for example: Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft CRM running in IE) to get the job done. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could modify your work flow so as improve your efficiency when coding. The following blog shows you how to customize Microsoft CRM entity schemas and dynamically update the related classes of those modified entities all within the Visual Studio 2005 IDE with complete IntelliSense support!

Customize CRM Data right inside Visual Studio 2005

This next blog discusses placing frequently used application code which uses the Microsoft CRM SDK into Visual Studio 2005 code snippets. By creating a library of standard code snippets which make use of the Microsoft CRM SDK, you can reduce the amount of time required to develop Microsoft CRM related applications and also reduce the number of potential bugs introduced into your code!

Create IntelliSense Code Snippets for CRM

A callout is custom code which uses the Microsoft CRM SDK to extend and customize the core functionality of the Microsoft CRM product. Up until now, callouts had to be developed using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and not Visual Studio 2005. This last blog shows you how to write Microsoft CRM callouts using Visual Studio 2005!

Use Visual Studio 2005 to build CRM Callouts!

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