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While specific workflows get most of the attention in blogs, it is “workflow service” that enables all the work that workflows do. Workflow service runs on CRM server box in the background. Knowledge about the scope of this work can be useful to system administrators in order to resolve some issues. Here is a list of some key touch points between workflow service and rest of the application:

  • Workflow service receives workflow actionable events (create, setstate, assign, etc.) from platform

  • Workflow service receives bulk operation events (import, activity propagate, etc.) from platform

  • Workflow service enables workflow manager, monitor, import/export

  • Workflow service enables application integration with

1. Sales process in the opportunity path
2. Manual workflow launch
3. Auto routing

  • Workflow service enables bulk operations

  • Workflow service enables SFA entity “merge” operation in terms of stopping associated workflow instances.

Praveen Upadhayay

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