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Damien Lindauer currently leads the Microsoft Dynamics CRM QA organization.  His organization is responsible for ensuring the overall quality of the products we deliver to our partners & customers through software testing and ongoing sustaining engineering.


After several internships, Damien joined Microsoft in ‘90 a SQL Server Developer Support Engineer.  In ‘92 he joined the SQL Server R&D group as a test engineer and later served as the PM for SQL Server‘s networking infrastructure.  In ‘95, Damien founded the SQL Server Performance Engineering Team and served as Microsoft’s primary TPC (Transaction Processing Council) representative.  In 1996 his engineering team broke the TPC-C price/performance world record with SQL Server and in 2000 the overall performance record.  In the late 90s Damien took on the additional role of managing a PM team responsible for working directly with the development organizations of SQL Server’s top tier ISVs (SAP, Baan, Peoplesoft, etc.)   After the release of SQL Server 2000, Damien joined bCentral to build and lead a product unit based on the acquisition of an online service scheduling technology.  After several releases of bCentral Appointment Manager, the technology was integrated into Microsoft CRM and became the basis for the innovative service scheduling functionality delivered in version 3.


Damien is a Washington state native and was raised in a small farming community in Eastern Washington near the Canadian border.  He received his undergraduate degree from Washington State University.  Damien divides his time between Microsoft (of which he is a big fan), his family (wife & 2 young boys), and various personal interests (some of which involve excess speed or spending too much money).

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