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The CRM Community and Content Strategy (CCS) team has recently added to the 80+ articles available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers on


Coolest new content: Videos

To help customers learn the way they want to learn, we now have videos that provide step-by-step walk-throughs of tasks that users have asked us for help with. 



Print a customer-ready sales document

Combine Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with PivotTables for effective sales forecasting



In addition to videos, these new articles continue to address customers’ needs.


Just in time for the holidays:

Let your business take a day off

Keep your service calendar healthy when an employee isn’t


Helping customers meet their goals:

Fine-tune your marketing lists with Advanced Find

4 ways to put campaign responses to work for you

Campaigns from start to finish


Overall productivity:

Take advantage of e-mail communication methods in Microsoft CRM

Save clicks with a personalized workplace

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Maintaining the system:

Establishing relationships between customer records that don’t relate

How to switch your Reporting Services server


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