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I get the feeling that some of you may be on CRM Team blog withdrawal. Well, here’s the back story. We got sloppy, wet snow with a sudden drop in temperature. This created glaze ice that coated all the roads and sidewalks. Cars were abandoned on the roads, buses slid off the roads, and many, many people spent the night in their cars because they couldn’t get home. So this is what I saw on the company net this morning.

This morning there still are a lot of people in the buildings and security and roadworks people are everywhere. Being raised in the mid-west and going to high school in Minnesota, the situation didn’t seem dire to me. But driving around the hundreds of out-of-control cars and last night, people walking on the streets, was a little bit unnerving. It is interesting to see the people that are able to come to work. Since I live three miles from campus the choice was easy for me. And I can make my own coffee, thank you very much.  :o)


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