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Microsoft CRM 3.0 Performance Whitepaper – Status Update

To allow inclusion of recently-received performance tips from many sources, we are now targeting Friday, January 5th for the public release of the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Performance Whitepaper

Answers to blog questions

Q: What is the point [of releasing CRM V3 Update Rollup 1] if support for [Windows] Vista and office 2007 has been left out?…  What do I tell my corporate clients that are already rolling out office 2007?…

A: Mention that the RTM (Release To Manufacture) version of the CRM Laptop Client is not compatible with Office 2007 and Windows Vista, therefore they should refrain from deploying Office 2007 or Windows Vista on systems that run the CRM Laptop Client until the updated CRM Laptop is released.

We released Microsoft CRM 3.0 Update Rollup 1 to make it easier for administrators to update their systems with all hotfixes that have accumulated since CRM 3.0 shipped.  The CRM client compatibility issues with Windows Vista and Office 2007 were well researched, and we determined that some of the changes needed to provide compatibility had to be provided during client setup.  These changes could not be delivered via an Update Rollup.  So, Update Rollup 1 and the client compatibility re-release were parallel efforts with different goals.

Q: When could we expect support for Outlook 2007?

A: The update for the CRM laptop client is in the final stages of testing, the Microsoft CRM product group will broadly announce its availability upon release.

Q: We’re planning an upgrade from MSSQL2000 to MSSQL2005, and I was wondering if the CRM Laptop Client software — which runs on a MSDE 2000 engine — is compatible with MSSQL2005?

A: As Frank Lee graciously mentioned, the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Laptop Client supports both Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005; the client-side datastore is the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE).  The upcoming Client re-release to support Windows Vista and Office 2007 uses SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as the client-side datastore.

Q:  Any idea if the rollup package is compatible with the Service Provider Edition (version 3.0.5745.0) ?   If not when will it be available?

A: CRM v3 Update Rollup 1 is not compatible with, and will not install on, Microsoft CRM 3.0 Service Provider Edition.  Releasing an SPE version of Update Rollup 1 is under consideration.  Feel free to send feedback to

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