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As a Content Developer on the Microsoft Global Training team in Fargo, I have been developing technical training content, eLearning, and certification exams for Microsoft CRM since the original 1.0 release. Prior to the inception of Microsoft CRM, I was a technical trainer and content developer on the Great Plains Siebel Front Office (GPSFO) training team. Before joining Microsoft six years ago, I spent 19 years working as a developer, consultant, and program manager in the world of ERP software development.
My life outside of Microsoft is centered around my wife and four children and running our little hobby farm. Our version of the Old MacDonald children’s rhyme includes five horses, two miniature goats, several breeds of chickens, golden pheasants, ducks, three dogs, and a seemingly endless supply of barn cats. In what little spare time is left, I enjoy horseback riding, hunting, and ice fishing.

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