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The Microsoft CRM Global Training team is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of remote training offerings for the following Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 courses: Applications, Installation and Configuration, and Customization.

The remote training we offer is a form of distance learning designed as an alternative to traditional classroom training and e-learning. It offers learners greater flexibility through smaller class sessions spanning a longer timeframe. The value of remote training for learners includes:

  • No travel costs
  • Flexible learning hours
  • Less time away from the office
  • Focused attention to skill building via the same hands-on lab exercises that are performed in classroom training environments
  • Access to an instructor, which standard e-learning does not provide

Some of the characteristics of our remote training programs include:

  • Remote training courses are typically delivered as one session per week for five to six weeks
  • Each session is approximately two hours in length
  • Remote training is delivered through web presentations (Live Meeting) and conference calls
  • Each session covers one to four chapters, depending on the total number of chapters in the course
  • Remote training courses use the existing Microsoft CRM 3.0 training manuals
  • Hands-on Labs and Test Your Knowledge questions provided within the training manuals are expected to be completed as homework assignments between class sessions
  • Supplemental labs and other learning activities may also be provided as additional homework assignments
  • Assigned lab work allows students to practice what they learn during each session and then follow-up with their instructor for additional guidance if necessary

When a partner or customer decides which method of training best fits their needs, they have to consider the challenges and opportunities inherent with each method. Do they learn better in a structured classroom environment? Can they afford to be away from work for several days? Do they prefer the self-learning qualities associated with e-learning? Or is their preference simply to purchase and read the training manual at their own leisure?

Remote training offers its own unique features as well, especially when compared to Microsoft’s traditional distance learning model. With weekly sessions limited to two hours in length, the ability of instructors to cover every detail is not feasible. Therefore, learners are expected to read the training manual chapters and absorb some content on their own as part of their weekly homework assignments. Other distinguishing characteristics include access to an instructor, training sessions spread out over a multi-week period, and classroom lab environments provided in the form of VPC images, thereby allowing learners to perform the lab exercises found in the training manuals.

With our new remote training courses, the Microsoft CRM Global Training team is excited to provide you with this new training alternative. If you have any questions about our Microsoft CRM training offerings, please email

Tony Frink

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