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One of the ways that you get new readers to any blog is to create an interesting title like this, “HOT TIP: Getting Readers to your Site” that isn’t necessarily product related. The words “Hot tip” seems to generate hundreds of hits all by itself. But the topic of “Getting Readers” will also bring new readers if your site is cross promoted at various other locations. The trick isn’t so much about getting people to your site, but how to keep them coming back.

This blog is, believe it or not, in the top 1% of all Microsoft blogs for readership. It isn’t just about our numbers though–it is also about providing good content, developing a rapport with our readers, and responding to the many, many, many comments and questions we get. Of course, publishing every workday helps too. And we can publish everyday by doing it as a team effort getting Microsofties, partners, customers, and MVPs to contribute. Our goal is to create a community of CRM users who also talk about the product and other stuff.

So if you are a first time reader, find the idea of Customer Relationship Management interesting, and want to spend some time reading about how you can customize the product to meet your company’s needs, you have come to the right place. As Rick said to Louie in Casablanca, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

 Happy holidays,


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