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And with that, CRM has picked up its surfboard and will be “riding the wave” with Windows Vista, Office 2007, and the biggest chain of releases in Microsoft history.

This project, codenamed V3C, is a compatibility update of the CRM v3 Outlook Client for Vista and Office 2007. V3C is a culmination of new features, updates, and enhancements, driven by our customer commitment in ensuring that users worldwide are able to use their CRM solution against the latest and greatest of Microsoft technologies. These improvements are not simply a rollup of fixes…we have implemented features and updates originally reserved for the Titan release and taken large steps forward with V3C.

Nearly every aspect of the CRM Outlook Client has been touched and updated…

– Integration with the Office 2007 “Ribbon”

– Custom MAPI Store (no more PST file!)

– SQL Express Edition 2005 SP1

– Inclusion of all existing client hotfixes

– Windows Vista Support

o User Access Control

o GPO deployments

o Internet Explorer 7

In addition, we now also support…

– Clean installation of V3C

– Upgrade from CRM V3 Outlook Client to V3C

– Support for hotfixes and patching using MSP technology

Supported Versions

The following versions of Windows and Office are now officially supported.


– Windows 2000 SP4

– Windows XP SP2

– Windows Vista


– Office XP SP3 (with Windows 2000 and XP only)

– Office 2003 SP2

– Office 2007


Users can download V3C from this page below (please be patient, as bits are still propagating).

Today’s release is only for English, but all other languages are already undergoing localization testing and will be released in waves beginning in January.

Physical media will be updated within the next three to four months.

Follow On Releases

An updated set of scripts for Terminal Server deployment will be released in early-January.

An update to the Exchange E-mail Connector (including the Rule Deployment Wizard) for Exchange 2007 compatibility will also be released in early-January.

A date has not been set for compatibility updates to the CRM v3i and v3 SPLA Clients, but these are in the plan and forthcoming.

Thanks and see you all next year.

Michael Lu

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