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Do you want to stand apart from other IT personnel? Do you want to demonstrate your expertise with Microsoft CRM to colleagues, employers, clients, peers, and –most important – yourself? Have you considered taking the Microsoft Dynamics CRM certification?  Or, what it takes to become certified?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certification can help you prove your technical skills, and lets you enjoy the benefits of certification including access to specific programs related to software licenses and related services.

Certification Requirements
The following certification designations are available for individuals:

• Pass one exam to become a Microsoft Certified Business Management Solution Specialist
• Pass a set of exams (some elective) to become a Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Professional
• There are also certification tracks for partner organizations. For more information regarding these certifications and certification requirements click here.

Benefits of Certification
Achieving a Microsoft CRM Certification allows you to:

• Evangelize skills and abilities to existing and prospective employers
• Expand your technical skills while preparing for certification
• Use certification credentials to screen potential employees
• In partnership with, employers can post job openings and quickly find qualified professionals
• Specialize in a particular area of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Also  check out the Training and Certification site to find answers to questions such as:

• How many exams are there to choose from? (quick answer is there are four specific CRM exams plus a list of about 15 other Microsoft exams (from which you select two)that count toward the Solutions Professional certification)
• How do I prepare for an exam? (see training options underneath)

Choose from several different forms of CRM training to help you prepare:

• eLearning
• Classroom Training

For more information, look for Learning Plans to outline the training options for each certification track and Exam Prep Guides for an overview of the exam content in the Training and Certification area of PartnerSource. Customers can find information regarding certification options on CustomerSource.

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