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Tao Yue is a Software Development Engineer working primarily on reporting and Excel integration in CRM, and has been with the CRM team since mid-2004.  He enjoys the fresh air and open space of the Pacific Northwest, but wishes it could get its act together on public transportation.


He enjoys photography, hiking, reading nonfiction (on his own), and reading fiction (when prodded by an upcoming book club meeting).  After an ergonomics evaluation, he’s heeded the principle of diversity in input devices, using all of the following at home and at the office: right-handed mouse, ambidextrous mouse, ambidextrous trackball, Wacom tablet, the mouse puck on the Microsoft Media Center Remote Keyboard, various unsplit keyboards, Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000, fully-split adjustable keyboard, and Windows voice recognition.


His infrequently-updated personal web site is located at

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