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As the critical mass is reached for planning the CRM team participation in this year’s Convergence I thought you might be interested to learn what is being prepared for you.

The keynote speakers are in place and you can see they range from the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Joel Barker, an industry professional, academic, and popular speaker who popularized the idea of paradigm shift.

The conference agenda is laid out, varied as it is interesting and staged so that there are multiple sessions to accommodate your schedule.

The CRM Hands-On Labs are laid out and the lab tech’s being assigned to help you with a number of tutorials including how to customize your implementation of CRM.

Microsoft, partners, and MVPs will be joining customers in the Community lounge, UX lounge, and at various party venues throughout the conference.

And I must say the venue plays a big part in Convergence this year. Due to popular demand we are once again in beautiful San Diego.

Hope to see you there,


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