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Metadata Browser

There is a little known feature in CRM 3.0 called the Metadata Browser. You can find this feature by pointing your browser at http://<myserver>/sdk/list.aspx. The Metadata Browser is a set of web pages which lets you view an Organization’s Entities, Attributes and Relationships.

Michaeljon Miller wrote up the tool in the 1.0 days and it eventually shipped in 3.0. More info on it’s history and can be found in his blog post here. I’ve also seen people call the metadata service directly to automatically document their Customizations using Word, Excel, XML etc.

I’m interested in finding out what people are actually using the Metadata Browser for. Is it a good way of just looking at the Metadata. Do they cut and paste it into documents? Feel free to send your feedback in the comments of this post or email me directly.

Philip Richardson