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I frequently hear from customers that they get into a situation where they have tracked an Outlook e-mail in Microsoft CRM and have accidentally set the wrong regarding object.  They then find out that there is no way to change their selection for the Outlook email window or the Microsoft CRM e-mail activity form.  Here are a couple of ways to solve this problem.

Microsoft CRM v3 on Office XP or Office 2003

You can re-track the e-mail in Outlook from the Outlook Explorer view.  Find the e-mail and select the ‘Track in CRM’ button from the Microsoft CRM Toolbar.

You’ll be notified that this e-mail is already tracked in Microsoft CRM and asked if you want to track it again, choose ‘Yes’.

This will create a new e-mail activity in Microsoft CRM for the e-mail without a regarding object set.  You can then open the e-mail in Outlook and choose the proper regarding value you want.   The old e-mail activity you can delete from Microsoft CRM to clean up the system.

Microsoft CRM v3 compatible release for Office 2007

The Microsoft CRM v3 compatible release offers an enhancement in functionality that makes solving this problem much easier.

Open the e-mail within Outlook and click on the ‘Track in CRM’ button.

You will be asked if you want to un-track this email from Microsoft CRM.  Choose ‘Yes’.

This will delete the Microsoft CRM e-mail activity.  You can then track the Outlook e-mail again as a Microsoft CRM activity and set the regarding value of your choice.

Also, notice that the regarding value is now displayed as a tooltip on the Set Regarding button.

Look for more enhancements in future Microsoft CRM releases in this area which will improve the integration between Microsoft CRM and Outlook.

Jason Dibble

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