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I’m here with Ben Vollmer in the Community Lounge at the Convergence conference.

After a day of back to back customer/partner meetings I’m pretty much ‘Converged’. Tomorrow is the SteveB keynote which I’m told will be spectacular. Unfortunately I’m on a plane back to Redmond at the time – as I need to present to our MVPs at the MVP summit on Thursday. If you are here at Convergence you definitely need to go to keynote. I’d like to express my thanks to all the customers and partners who made time to meet with me and other members of the CRM engineering team. It’s not often that we get to leave the ‘coding cave’ and really appreciate your candid feedback about our product and its future direction.

I’ve also enjoyed hearing the success stories about CRM 3.0. When you spend every day working on the ‘next big thing’ it’s sometimes easy to forget about our ‘in market version’. It’s incredibly motivating for the engineering team to see companies ‘betting the business’ on Microsoft CRM and great business value which our product delivers.

Philip Richardson

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