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The new online, unlimited training benefits available to customers enrolled in Business Ready Enhancement Plan or other customer service plans, and partners enrolled in a Partner Service Plan for Microsoft Dynamics received immense visibility at Convergence 2007.

Partners and customers were very thrilled to learn how to use their new training benefits. They were able to experience the available training through hands-on labs, presentations and one-on-one demos. Here are some comments received:

“This is really great to help us educate our staff.”
“It will really help us stretch our training budget.” 
“Really a great idea for partners and customers – very much needed.”
“Microsoft made a very wise decision to provide access to training materials.”

Attendees were also very pleased to learn unlimited online training benefits can be extended to their entire organization. To set up a new user, partners and customers need to access the My Account section on PartnerSource and CustomerSource.

The new training benefit available through a service plan for Microsoft Dynamics. To access these benefits, partners visit: PartnerSource and customers visit: CustomerSource > Training & Certification.Thanks,

Debbie Larson

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