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Last week, my work laptop crashed on me, and refused to boot. Apart from logging a support request, I resumed my work from my desktop computer, continuing work on the document I had just been working on on my laptop. My loss would have be significant had it not been for a tiny inconspicuous application called FolderShare, working diligently in the background. FolderShare is a service that allows you to securely keep files synchronized between your devices, share files with friends or colleagues, and remotely download your files from any web browser.

I had set up FolderShare a few months back in an effort to synchronize my folders between my laptop and my desktop machine.  It took about 5 minutes to sign up and set up. The first time sync takes time, although the direct and secure p2p connection between the computers is faster than you might expect. After that first sync is done, sync happens transparently, and almost without lag.

Check it out at . It uses 128-bit rc4 encryption, so it is completely secure. Best of all, it’s FREE. Yes, it does work on Microsoft Windows Vista.

Abhijit Gore

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