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I was so pleased with the blogs this morning I thought I’d share some of my CRM favs with you.

Aaron Elder at invokesystems talks about Programmatic Updates to CRM UserQuery Records. The goal? To update each user’s off-line contacts filtered view to a custom defined filtered view.

Anne Stanton’s ‘Tidbits on MS Dynamics CRM’ gives us CRM install guidance. “MS Dynamics CRM is as sophisticated in its install as Small Business Server. It ties to just as many Microsoft Applications! It should never be approached lightly EVEN when it can be installed in 30 minutes.. (YES it can be done in 30 minutes when the karma is right). We now ALWAYS recommend a full environment review before dropping MS CRM into the mix. MS CRM ties to Exchange, MS SQL, IIS, .NET framework, Outlook, Excel, Word, MS SRS and more.”

Sonoma talks “CRM Security Privileges for Appointment Creation? Sometimes when you’re adjusting Microsoft CRM security roles, you’ll get an error message when trying to perform an action telling you that you don’t have permission and you’ll think to yourself…”what in the world are they talking about?!?!” After you review the security roles you wonder what privilege could I possibly be missing that would impact this?”

Have a great Monday and even better week,


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