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I have exciting news for the Microsoft Dynamics certification community!  Now, Microsoft Dynamics certification members have been assigned and sent a Microsoft Certification ID (MCP ID).    Today, for the first time, Microsoft Dynamics has its own gated certification Member Site at for those who have successfully passed a Microsoft Dynamics exam.   Now, This, along with the previous changes to our certification branding taxonomy, an additional Professional designation, and the addition of a designation logo, is another step in adding value to the Microsoft Dynamics Certification program.

The key benefits in the addition of Microsoft ID’s to the Microsoft Dynamics certification community include the following:

  • Provides a unified customer experience across all Microsoft Certifications including Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office Specialist, and MCP

  • Improve MBS Partner Experience by unified transcript

  • Consistent process for Logo Builder


Will those who hold a certification with Microsoft Dynamics be able to refer to themselves as MCPs?
No, only those who have successfully passed a MCP exam can use the MCP branding and logo to refer to their certification status.  Microsoft Dynamics will continue to use current branding and logo.

If a new Microsoft Dynamics exam candidate (without a previous MCP) does not pass an exam, a Microsoft Certification ID be created and sent to the candidate?
Yes,  the ID will be generated; however the candidate will be unable to use the ID for Member Site log in until they successful pass either a Microsoft Dynamics, MSBC, or MCP exam. It is useful when going to register for their next exam and tracking purposes.

I am a MCP and also hold a certification with Microsoft Dynamics.  Will I be able to see both of my logo’s through the LogoBuilder?
Yes, the LogoBuilder will show those logos which are allowed for use by the candidate.

Which exams will now show on the combined Transcript accessed via the Member Site?

• All MCP certifications
• All Microsoft Dynamics certifications
• All MOS and Microsoft Business Certifications (MSBC), only after successfully passing a 2007 Microsoft Office system exam (English only)

Which call center will support those newly certified with Microsoft Dynamics or have questions around certifications for Microsoft Dynamics?
Accounting Checking Bureau (ACB) will continue to provide certification support for Microsoft Dynamics exams.  The email address is

Sarah Grant

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