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Chad Rexin is a Microsoft CRM Escalation Engineer with the Microsoft CRM Support team.  I started working with Great Plains Software in 1995 working on Great Plains Dynamics on the Dynamics support team.  I later worked with the Great Plains Dynamics Integration Manager and eCommerce support teams.  With the Great Plains Software merger with Microsoft in 2001 I started working on the Microsoft CRM Support team since the CRM Support team’s inception as a support engineer, tech lead, and as an escalation engineer.  

I focus on escalated cases with the Microsoft CRM product, working closely both with customers and the Microsoft CRM product team in resolving issues.  As a CRM Escalation Engineer, I help triage bugs and design issues within the CRM product and identifying root cause code problems and submit Hotfix Requests and design change requests.  I’m also involved with assisting Microsoft CRM support engineers and development in helping troubleshoot difficult and challenging environment problems and performance problems with Microsoft CRM, including working with SQL Server, IIS, Active Directory, and other products that Microsoft CRM interacts with.

 In my time not working with computers, I enjoy time with my wife and son at home and enjoy riding bicycle any chance I get.  I also enjoy reading books, primarily history, biography, and adventure books.  During the summer and fall months I enjoy taking some vacation to work on my Dad’s farm for harvest as it is a nice break from working with computers.

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