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I am a Microsoft CRM Software Development Engineer and have background in Geology / Remote Sensing, Geography / Geographic Information System by training. I started working in Microsoft as a MapPoint team member in 1999. My passion for computer software and technology in general is to find the best use of it to improve existing business processes. And the combination of mapping and software was a fantastic opportunity for me. Business application is my next opportunity. I started with the CRM team about a year ago. I am fascinated with the challenges and the potentials of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product.


I am currently in the Application team and my current focus is the Business Module. In the past year, I have had opportunities to work on some of the infrastructure features of the product, like Software Quality Management (SQM), Web Wizard Framework, Date Time infrastructure, Campaign features and working directly with some customer issues. I hope to best utilize my experience in the past year to improve some of the features in the Business Module area in the future. I believe in designing software for the customers with customer feedbacks. And look forward to working with customers more directly in the future.


In my time away from work, I enjoy time with my wife (Sabrina) and three sons (Aaron, Jaron, and Byron) at home and what the beautiful Seattle has to offer. Our favorite destinations are Pacific Science Center, Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, China Town and Seattle water front in general. I enjoy different cuisines and sports like basketball, tennis and swimming.

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