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Sometimes I link send direct links to other CRM users. I don’t always have the outlook client installed (I’m always upgrading, using a different version etc etc) and therefore an unable to take full advantage of the regarding feature.

Here is a tiny bit of Jscript you can add to your ISV.config. It allows you to copy the URL of a record’s form to the clipboard:

<Button Title=Copy Link ToolTip=Copy Link Icon=/_imgs/ico_18_entityInfo.gif JavaScript=var copy = window.location.href; window.clipboardData.setData(‘Text’, copy); AvailableOffline=false />

The code copies the URL to a variable and then pastes it into the clipboard when the user clicks the Copy Link button. Thanks to IE’s security clipboard security feature a user will be prompted to allow or deny access to the clipboard. The prompt is necessary as window.clipbardData.setData has a dark twin: window.clipboardData.getData which can read your clipboard (great for stealing all kinds of stuff). The warning can be turned off in IE7’s settings: however I strongly recommend that you always leave it on.

Ensure you check out the ISV.config documentation if aren’t familiar with adding custom buttons to CRM.

Philip Richardson

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