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waltandkara It seems I have been reading Walt Mossberg (pictured here with his co-host Kara Swisher) ever since I entered the world of computer software. His latest venture is a Web site called All Things Digital which is full of videos and commentaries.

BillnSteveInterview This week they have released a set of videos with an interview with Steve Job and Bill Gates. These videos were taken at the executive conference called D5. So even though the conference was sold out, you get to see some of the best of this conference. 

Besides the history that is kind of glossed over, the two talk about the PC and Apple Mac Guys, some key decision points that the two companies made through history, and as a reoccurring theme, the fact that Microsoft, from the start has invested heavily in the Apple company.

They also talked about the future of the computer industry with the promise that the two companies will continue to work together. I’m half way through the videos and as a participant and hobbyist in the computer industry, I find this conversation fascinating. Children, can you said Symbiotic intelligence?  :o)


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