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In 2006, the GotDotNet Microsoft CRM Sandbox was launched as a place where Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers and users could keep in touch and show off their coding skills. This has been a wildly successful resource, easily drawing a large crowd of regular viewers and becoming one of the most popular venues on the GotDotNet site.

In March, the GotDotNet folks announced that the GotDotNet site will be discontinued on June 30 (including our very own Microsoft CRM Sandbox). The following current replacement Web sites that we have developed promise to take us to the next level of performance and use by our customers. They are live now.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Center on MSDN – This will be the Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer, implementer, and administrator’s go-to site. It will be within the MSDN Developer Centers Web site, a site that users who subscribe to MSDN already know about and a resource that most teams at Microsoft use to communicate with coders and people who like to extend their implementation of a product.

Also announced on this site are two new resources:

  • GotDotNet User Samples – This is a collection of community-provided code samples in an easy-to-find and use site. As a side note, we are going to use this site until the newly emerging MSDN Code Samples site is rolled out near the end of the calendar year. In the first day of moving seven of the samples from the old Microsoft CRM Sandbox download area to this new resource, we got over 150 people downloading the samples from this location!

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forums on MSDN – This is a community hot spot for coders, administrators, and implementers. Surveyed users prefer the forums to the newsgroups nine to one, so we will provide forum and newsgroup support for the foreseeable future.

This call to action is to entice you, as part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community, to take a look at these new Web properties and let us know how you like them. The team and our MVPs have this to say so far:

“With the release of these web sites Microsoft has made it easier for developers to find the information they need to develop great applications on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform.” – MVP John O’Donnell

“The new MSDN CRM Developer Center looks great. I especially like the roadmap – what a great resource to get into the nitty gritty of CRM development. Thanks for the hard work!” – MVP Matt Wittemann



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