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The CRM community has embraced the  “Share your Microsoft Dynamics CRM tip!” initiative and has contributed many great ideas for improving your experience with the product. The complete list of tips is located here.

For example GY in Nashua offers this tip to:

Reposition and Resize Pop-up Windows

Are you always repositioning and resizing your Popup windows to display all of your information? Standardize the way your Popups open!

1. Go to Settings – Customization

2. Choose the Entity (Ie. Contact)

3. Choose the Form – The Main Application Form

4. Choose Form Properties

5. Choose On Load and Edit

6. Click the Event is Enabled box

7. Add the following in the box:

// Resize the default Window Size



You can Preview the Create Form right there to see how it works. Don’t forget to Publish it for others to see it work.

Thanks GY!

Renee Wesberry

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