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A corporate blog is an interesting beast. One has to refrain from giving ‘irresponsible advice’ and yet one has also ‘speak in a human voice’. Reflecting back on our own team blog we have certainly made a few mistakes along the way. We accidently published some unsupported customizations (and quickly clarified the mistake), a few of our posts are too long, others read like they were written by robots etc. Overall I think our team has done a decent job with experimenting with this new medium.  Soon (I can’t/won’t say when) we will start talking about Titan on the blog. I’m considering a major strategy change for the blog to coincide with this momentous event.

Feel free to praise/flame us in the comments or feel free to email me directly (my email is easy to find on the internet). With any luck our blog won’t end up like the fictional Playstation Blog imagined by Penny Arcade. Tell us what interests you: Design ideas, code samples, pictures of our pets, team profiles, feature suggestions, marketing info, more community guest bloggers etc etc.

Philip Richardson

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