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crmug_banner Today I’m introducing a new CRM resource for those of you interested in getting your company involved with the all new Dynamics CRM Users Group (CRMUG). Here is an introduction from the CRMUG team:

CRMUG is an association of companies sharing the common interest of optimizing their usage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in their companies. This independent community of users gets together (remotely and face-to-face) through a myriad of conferences, virtual tools, and programs to share knowledge and best practices. Membership and active participation in CRMUG can make all the difference in the effective use of your Dynamics CRM software.

CRMUG is independent of Microsoft, but recognized as the only global user community of its kind. We appreciate the support Microsoft has given this group as we get established and grow this community.

Please plan on attending this Roundtable discussion where the future structure and benefits of the group will be discussed. Learn what the founding leaders of the group have put into place so far for members to find value in. See the tools members will have access to which allow better networking with other CRM users.

CRMUG will eventually charge a nominal annual membership fee per company to cover the costs of programming, infrastructure, and staff. In the beginning, as we get established and gather momentum, membership will be voluntary and complimentary. Particularly at this stage, it is important to get your input to the various Roundtable and Workshop programs that will be offered each month to the CRMUG membership. Please join in on setting the direction for YOUR group!

Unsure if membership is for you? Attend this free program and decide for yourself!

Any questions….please send an email to or visit for more information.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007  11:00 AM  – 12:30 PM

Eastern Time Zone

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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