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By now, you’ve come to know many of the Program Managers on the team through the articles that they write on this blog, the talks that they give at conferences like Convergence and the WPC, and through other customer and partner events. You know that they are among the best and brightest technically, and are top notch in software design… but I know what you’re thinking… how well do they really work together as a team? Say you put them to task to prepare a seven course meal. Could they do it?

On June 14th, the PMs put this question to the test – for a team event, we attended a cooking class at Kaspars Special Events & Catering. I’ll let the pictures tell the story:

Kari, Rich, and Jeff don their aprons and are ready to learn their way around a professional kitchen:

Chef Kaspar explains the technique… Don stares in disbelief “I can’t believe they let us all loose in this kitchen”, while Michael prepares mentally for the task at hand…

John and Don prepare the appetizer: spinach brie in a fine herb crust

CRM brie!

Back in the heart of the kitchen, Barry says “Look at me now. I’ve got the stove all to myself!”

Yao and Humberto prepping for the Soup!

Derik joins Yao to put the finishing touches on the soup.

Watch out Spice Girls… here come the Herb Ladies (Shirlene, Uma, Karin, Rubaiyat):

Vlatko dishes up the chocolate… just how much butter did you add? No wait, don’t tell me…

Alvaro is clearly pleased with the outcome of the desert: molten chocolate marshmallow cake. David can’t wait to indulge. Oh yeah!

Order up!

So can they cook? Indeed they can.

This was a great event. If you’re looking for a great team building event, I’m sure everyone on the team would recommend the cooking class at Kaspars.

And what to do after all that hard work? Go Karts!

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